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Hydraulic Sheet Metal Shearing Machine

Design Features:

  • Mono Block Welded steel right to deflection tensile movement of high tensile. Easy of accurate gap adjustment of blades for bur – free cuts

  • Motorized back gauge with electronic digital readout

  • Electronically adjustment Rake Angle as per material of thickness for twist free as. Synchronized Beam guided system for constant gap between Blades

  • Extra capacity to cut Hard- thicker plate than nominal capacity

  • Blades Produced from High alloying steel with functional four side

  • Adjustable Cutting & clamping force for quality cutting & power saving

  • Rapid cutting of short pieces by electrical stroke adjustment system

Standard Feature Accessories:

  • Moving beam Synchronized by differential cylinders

  • Hardened rollers guide beam for constant blade gap

  • Blade gap easily adjustable by calibrated levers

  • Rake angle adjustable to suit thickness and material

  • Activation from console and movable foot cut switch

  • Sheet clamped hydraulically before cut starts

  • Stroke length – position can be set for short jobs

  • Beam returns on releasing foot switch for smaller cuts

  • First two hold down spaced closer at both ends

  • Squaring arm 1000mm at left with hardened liners

  • Squaring arm 600mm at right helps distribute wear

  • Hardened rods on table for safe easier feeding

  • Two front supports for supporting longer plates

  • Front operated motorized back gauge 1000mm travel with D. R.O compact Low maintenance of silent Hydraulic system

  • HVR 315, HVR320, HVR325,HVR330 have sheet supports, manual back gauge & left Squaring arm of 600mm length

Optional Accessories:

  • Automatic contact shearing

  • Hydraulic Rear sheet supports

  • NC Back gauge with Ball screw


  • Packing Dimensions varies from 2900 x 1600 x 1500 mm to 5100 x 2800 x 3000 mm

  • Weight varies from 2500 kg to 24000